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Revenue Analytics

M&A Due Diligence Data Analysis for the Middle Market


Busy M&A due diligence teams receive data from their acquisition target companies but are often constrained by lack of resources, time, and tools to extract the goldmine of information they need from that data. Not to mention the bandwidth to deal with the challenges of poor data quality and messy formatting.

Due diligence is meant to uncover more about the target company than financial statements and tax returns alone, including the customer base, geographies served, and product/service offerings. Unfortunately, these data are often hard to come by – and analyze.


infoFluency applies years of data analysis experience to the creation of revenue analytics solutions for M&A due diligence needs. Our process ensures that the right data is gathered, cleaned, structured, and presented in a digestible and meaningful format. Resulting reporting is rich with information and flexible to include insights specific target companies and industries.


M&A due diligence teams – on the buy-side and sell-side – can focus on evaluation and valuation based on their new, deep understanding of the target’s customer base, growth potential, and products/services. Our robust revenue analytics report includes insights like average customer value, customer rating, product mix, and seasonality.

“It was so impactful to our due diligence process to have info Fluency handle the data work for us, and hand us a report that told us everything we needed to know about our target’s customers & sales history.”


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