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At infoFluency, we redefine the data experience, offering a holistic suite of services designed to empower businesses in harnessing the full potential of their data. From immersive data visualizations and seamlessly embedded analytics to managed data services, fractional analysts, and training programs, our offerings cater to diverse needs. Transform your organization into a data-driven powerhouse with infoFluency — where innovation meets comprehensive data solutions.

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Revenue Attribution

Refocused sales efforts accordingly

NSL Aerospace overcame data disparities between Quickbooks and Hubspot with infoFluency’s enriched data solution, enabling strategic insights. By identifying clients repeatedly seeking quotes without purchasing, NSL streamlined sales efforts, significantly boosting revenue and overall sales team effectiveness.

What is Ingestion?

Data ingestion combines and organizes datain one place to enable analytics.  Ingestion is the process of connecting to data that’s spread out over many business functions and applications (accounting, CRM, ERP, spreadsheets, databases), as well keeping that data updated.

What is Transformation?

Data transformation is the process of taking raw data from business applications and creating an combined analytics-ready dataset. Our analytics process involves several transformation techniques, such as data structuring, formatting, and creating calculations.

What is Storage?

Data storage refers to the process of storing digital data in a structured manner for later retrieval and use. Efficient data storage ensures data integrity, accessibility, and security, enabling organizations and individuals to manage and utilize their information effectively.

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