Case Study

Board Reporting

A Leveled-Up Approach to Analytics


The board of a private equity firm was dissatisfied with one of their portfolio company’s monthly reporting decks. Seeking on-brand, professional aesthetics and meaningful insights, they challenged the CEO to level up the look-and-feel of the presentation as well as the story buried within the data. Lacking internal resources and the skillset to update their approach to analytics, the executive team sought out a partner to help them meet the board’s requirements.


infoFluency created a branded, professional dashboard for board reporting that not only looked great, but also told the company’s story from each of its business functions, such as for Human Resources. Questions like, “How are we retaining talent?” and “How are we onboarding new staff?” were answered in a compelling, interactive format that updated in real time as data changed.

In board meetings, the company’s leadership team was also successfully able to share meaningful insights about its performance and prospective forecast.


The company’s executive team was now able to report compelling information during board meetings, which garnered them a competitive advantage within the private equity firm’s portfolio. No longer appearing as a Mom-and-Pop Shop, the company’s powerful data presentations earned them recognition with the board as on par with the likes of Deloitte.


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