Case Study

Profitability Segmentation

Consolidating Complex Data for Easy Analysis


Home healthcare is a complex business model with complex data. For Signature Health Services, cross-analyzing treatment types and profitability was nearly impossible due to their industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) software’s inability to map to financial data.

Additionally, without a dedicated analyst on staff, their executive team did not have the capacity to determine which type of diagnosis, patient, or treatment was profitable.


infoFluency dove into Signature Health Services’ business model to understand how the flow of transactional data aligned with their services. After marrying complex treatment data with financial data, infoFluency created a data map and presented it in easy-to-understand dashboards that allowed the executive team to visualize the profitability of diagnosis, level of care, and treatment metrics – knowledge that was critical to the profitable growth of their business.


Equipped with meaningful insights, Signature Health Services can now determine the type of treatment and level of care most profitable to the business and make strategic decisions around how to attract those patients who will drive the most growth. Equally important, it’s now possible for the executive team to forecast near-term profitability across all treatment types.

“These insights are so meaningful to my business, I think I could cry.”

- President, Signature Health Services

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