Fractional Analyst Services

With our fractional analyst services, you’ll get access to a breadth of expertise from our data consultants – your data team.

Benefits of activating infoFluency’s data consultants

Cost Effective

Accelerate Data Initiatives

Team Approach

On-demand business intelligence without the burden of a full-time team

InfoFluency is a leading provider of outsourced fractional analyst services, dedicated to helping businesses navigate financial complexities efficiently. Our team of data consultants, sourced from diverse industries, offers a breadth of expertise in financial modeling, data analysis, and strategic planning. Our commitment to excellence and flexibility distinguishes us as a valuable partner for businesses seeking on-demand business intelligence without the burden of a full-time team.

“What strategies are going to drive growth? The silver bullet is data.

Data on the front and data on the back. Everybody recognizes that data is powerful, and they probably wish they had a better handle on their data. You don’t have to spend gobs of money to experience benefit. You can go in as deep as you need to.”

Pete Hayes

Chief Outsiders

Why Utilize Fractional Analysts?

Depth of Expertise

Dedicated Focus

Rapid Impact

Customized Solutions

Profitability by service line

Analysis led to growth 

Signature Health Services faced challenges in understanding the profitability of their home health business due to complex data without an in-house analyst. infoFluency addressed this by creating a data map and intuitive dashboards, enabling the executive team to make informed decisions on patient types, treatments, and diagnoses, leading to improved marketing strategies and the ability to forecast company profitability.

Are you ready to get started?


1. Discovery

Identify your business needs and data sources

2. Implementation

Pull together all data sources

3. Insight in Action

Start utilizing the insights from the tool right away

Your data doesn’t have to be elusive

Start making better decisions today.