Case Study

Revenue Attribution

Meaningful Insights Through Data Integration


NSL Aerospace wanted to see their revenue data from quote, to order, to sale.

However, the ability to analyze each metric – by customer and by product – was met with a the challenge of disparate data in separate applications. The challenge was complicated further by NSL Aerospace’s acquisition of another entity, including all of its data.


infoFluency mapped NSL Aerospace’s data to align customers and products across platforms, ensuring the ability to analyze apples-to-apples regardless of which system was reporting.

Integrating these disparate data platforms was the foundation on which NSL Aerospace was able to focus its sales team on revenue-generating customers and spend less time preparing quotes that would never be activated.


Data visualization provided by infoFluency to NSL Aerospace’s sales team directed their day-to-day work and smoothed the integration of a second entity. They successfully spent more time with priority clients and grew the newly combined company to achieve their goals.

“The insights we gain with infoFluency allow our sales team to focus their efforts on priority customers. We recently made an acquisition and are relying on infoFluency to integrate the data between our two entities so we can make strategic growth decisions.”

- NSL Aerospace CRO

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