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Executive Cockpit

Data-Driven Decision-Making Leads to Revenue Growth


The president of Remote COO needed to analyze her labor costs, margins, revenue, and other foundational metrics to make decisions around pricing and staffing based on profitability. However, without a system to consolidate her company’s multiple data streams, she had to rely on a spreadsheet that would become outdated just as soon as she completed her analysis.


infoFluency combined the data from Remote COO’s various applications, including accounting, payroll, and timekeeping, into an automated dashboard that also allowed the president to interact with her data. She could slice-and-dice metrics by client, project, and staff member.

With real-time visibility into her data, she could now see her most profitable projects and make decisions on how to turn her less profitable projects around.


Thanks to Remote COO’s new Executive Cockpit, the president could make critical business decisions around pay, pricing, resource management, and time allocation.

The dashboard also allowed for an analysis of newly added onboarding fees to cover the costs of bringing on new clients and projects.

“As a result of being able to see and interact with our data, especially broken down by client, we are able to make strategic decisions about pricing, resource allocation, and hiring. Plus keeping our data and dashboards updated is no longer a manual process. It’s a game-changer.”

- President, Remote COO

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