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Data Provides a Competitive Advantage During Exit Preparation


An industrial distribution company, prepping to sell, needed to communicate to potential buyers that their customer base was diverse across many industries – to prove that its revenue – and future success – wasn’t dependent on the ups and downs of a single industry.

A favorable valuation during their exit depended on the story their customer data could tell – and they needed more than a spreadsheet to communicate it.


infoFluency came in during the valuation process to support the company in collecting, classifying, and communicating their customer data. After analyzing 8,000 customer records, infoFluency partnered with the company’s existing Exit Advisor to develop a compelling data story to share with potential buyers.


Armed with data-backed proof presented in infoFluency’s interactive, visual dashboard, the company and its Exit Advisor began marketing to potential buyers with confidence. Evidence that their customer base was diversified and carried less risk of loss due to any one industry’s economic downturns provided them with a necessary competitive advantage.

“It was essential to a favorable valuation to prove that our revenue wasn’t heavily dependent on the ups and downs of one industry, such as energy. Having the data proof in visual form was indispensable and something we could not have done for ourselves.”


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