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Account Activation

Leveraging Data for Better Client Relationships and Revenue


Accessing sales data proved to be a bottleneck for The Personal Marketing Company with only one person proficient at querying the database. Exported results, too, were less than user friendly compiled in spreadsheets rather than dashboards that allowed for easy analysis. Decision makers were unable to observe trends, revenue rankings, rate of new customer acquisition, and client purchasing behaviors.

To facilitate access and streamline analysis, it was imperative the company remove friction in the system.


Instead of directly accessing the database each time the company needed to see sales data, infoFluency integrated its three data sources – analyzing 1,000 customers, 10,000 transactions, and 200 products – so that The Personal Marketing Company could easily access and report on its sales data in a meaningful way using visual, interactive dashboards.


Through the integration and visualization of their data, The Personal Marketing Company learned of a previously unknown client ranking at the top of their revenue-producing pipeline. Knowledge they could now use to nurture and grow the client relationship and revenue further.

The Personal Marketing Company also saw 5X growth of top accounts and account based strategy success.

“We get these numbers in our mind, and we operate as if they continue to be true. Through analytics, we saw real time changes and could act accordingly.”

- Kyle Baack, COO

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