Make Informed Decisions

with the data you already have
infoFluency’s revenue management tool enables strategic growth decisions

Ideas for new growth are sparked through combining revenue and customer data

Understand revenue drivers

Uncover growth opportunities

Identify new strategy

Are you making decisions based on facts of the past?

they become assumptions in the present.
"We pull a lot of insight out of our revenue dashboards. These charts have been SO insightful for us. Merging the customer data from our CRM with financial information from our accounting systems allowed us to see things we didn't see before."
Pete Hayes
Chief Outsiders

You need more than revenue data...

Business accounting platforms will tell you how much revenue came in. And some of them will even give you trends or seasonality insights. But it's just not enough to make meaningful growth decisions for the business. Revenue must be understood in light of the things that drive it. It must be understood in terms of the customer base and customer attributes. 

At infoFluency, these insights are the #1 request we get from clients and prospects. Our response is the Revenue Management Tool which combines revenue data from accounting with customer attributes like customer industry, size, lead source and location.

InfoFluency's Revenue Management Tool can help you:

Identify Revenue Drivers
Uncover new growth opportunities
Set Sales
Reduce Customer
Optimize Marketing
Improve Sales
Nurture large
Develop Competitive

Are you ready to get started?

1. Discovery

Identify your business needs and data sources 

2. Gather Data

Pull together all data sources 

3. Insight in Action

Start utilizing the insights from the tool right away

"We now understand our customer base deeply and are focusing on acquiring best-fit customers from the right lead sources. We are well-equipped to capitalize on the areas of greatest growth potential and address issues that are slowing revenue growth."
mid-market industrial company

See how TPMCO grew key account 300%

Data utilized for meaning gives big results

We created a ranking for TPMCO to show who their largest customers were. The top name was unknown to them and they immediately developed a strategy to build relationships with this customer and nurture that relationship. They grew the account by 3x in a few months, followed by the implementation of an account-based sales strategy that has resulted in significant additional growth of their business. 

"Understanding the industries that our customers are serving and the revenue associated with each of those has been huge in terms of sales discipline, inventory and purchasing, even cashflow decisions."
Manufacturing Company