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Investment Decisions

Data Directs Activation and Investment Venture Strategy


HX Venture Fund had multiple levels of hierarchical data and needed help organizing, storing, and structuring it to be ready for analysis and reporting. Crucial to their business model, the insights provided by the data they collected guided their investment and activation decisions, which were key to achieving superior returns. Further, HX Venture Fund needed to communicate those insights to their own investors in a meaningful and visually impactful way.


infoFluency brought deep industry experience to HX Venture Fund’s challenge, leaning on that background to design a bespoke solution complete with a custom database and supporting hierarchy that matched exactly the company’s needs in analysis and reporting. infoFluency also developed an efficient process for data ingestion, freeing up time of manual labor involved in importing and onboarding.

Various levels of data – split across funds and portfolio companies – came together in report-ready visual analytics.


With infoFluency as its outsourced analytics partner, HX Venture Fund was able to focus on their core business activities of investment and activation. They could confidently trust that the data was providing the accurate insights they needed to make investment decisions that would result in returns outpacing industry benchmarks reported in PitchBook.

“infoFluency brought our data to life. We activate them again and again to help us uncover meaningful insights, so we can make data driven decisions.”

- Managing Partner, HXVF

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