Case Study

Commission Reporting

Automating Complex Calculations for Efficiency


Each month, the CFO of Fusion Growth Partners spent their highly valuable hours manually calculating and reporting on the company’s commission pay structure for more than 150 people. Due to the complexity and detail required to complete the project, the CFO spent many more hours correcting erroneous iterations – a frustrating use of time for staff that needed to be focused on higher level strategy, rather than working in the minutiae. Further, those errors ground down credibility with the company for staff waiting on reports to be paid.


infoFluency used rules-based logic statements to develop automated calculations that accounted for the company’s various scenarios related to its commission pay structure – accounting for the simplest of scenarios, such as a+b=c, as well as the more complex scenarios with a range of If-Then conditions for each possibility.

Hosted in a custom database, infoFluency also developed a hierarchical permission structure so that each team member could see their own commission reports and managers could report out to superiors on their teams.


Not only did Fusion Growth Partners’ CFO regain valuable hours in time spent manually calculating these complex scenarios, but they also realized just how overly complex their calculations were. The company took the next step of simplifying their commission pay structure to ensure the complexity was not standing in the way of growth.

“Automating this complex data process opened our eyes to how we could operate more efficiently while also minimizing the errors that inevitably come through manual calculation. Saving time and money, and increasing consistency. Glad we took this step.”

- Kyle Baack, COO

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