Webinar: Interview with Chief Outsiders’ Pete Hayes

Pete Hayes, Principal, Chief Outsiders, shares his perspective on data with infoFluency’s Founder and CEO Robin Sturgis and Managing Director of Business Development Alyssa McGinn in this month’s webinar.

Data is an Underutilized Asset

What factors contribute to business leaders underutilizing – or even undervaluing – data and the insights that can be extracted? Hayes shares impressions from working with multiple clients’ data.

“Data feels cold. It feels like a number. It feels like an absolute,” he said. “The magic is when data relates to other data.”

Perhaps, Hayes posits, it’s not that companies aren’t taking advantage of their data. It’s that they’re not taking advantage of how the data they have relates to the other data they have.

Bringing Data to the Forefont

Business leaders are not going after insights and metrically keeping themselves and their people accountable. With nearly every client engagement, Chief Outsiders is working data into client programs.

“We’re helping the company engage with their data,” Hayes said. “Sometimes, they don’t have the systems in place to capture the data, so we’re changing MarTech or SalesTech platforms.”

For Hayes, “Data is always part of the program.” 

Data-Driven Decision-Making 

What strategies are going to drive growth? The silver bullet is data.

“Data on the front and data on the back,” Hayes said. “Everybody recognizes that data is powerful, and they probably wish they had a better handle on their data. You don’t have to spend gobs of money to experience benefit. You can go in as deep as you need to.”

For anyone who is working toward building a data-driven culture, Hayes advice is to, “Jump in. The water’s great.”

Watch the full discussion:

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