Data-driven Decisions: Why We Love to Enable our Clients

The most satisfying professional moments are those where your work delivers a win for a client.   Those happen for us when a client makes a data-driven decision that impacts their business.   We’d like to share a few examples of clients who found insights in their data and leveraged the ah-ha to make a impactful decision and/or take meaningful action.

One of our clients used data visualizations to uncover valuable sales volume insights and launched a targeted account based marketing strategy as a result!

A healthcare client used attrition analysis to launch a staff mentoring program.

Another is impressing his clients by infusing their meetings with his knowledge of client order history.   Data visualizations, served up to his phone, enable just-in-time meeting prep.

Yet another of our clients provides robust stakeholder updates chock full of data visualizations that provide insight, knowledge and strategic information.  They are serving their constituency through digestible data!

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