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Data analytics should be accessible by all decision makers. We make it easy for you to have the information you need, right when you need it.

Top-Tier Data Analytics

Dashboards that answer business questions in real time.

Certified Experienced Team

Experts certified by Tableau, Alteryx, Salesforce, and more.

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Flexible, comprehensive services – tailored to your business.

It shouldn’t be a struggle to see all of your data in one place

Business leaders find it challenging to consolidate meaningful metrics from various platforms into an easily accessible, centralized location. This frequently leads to decisions being made with inadequate information.

Make data fueled decisions with confidence

Pull the data analytics you need from multiple platforms into a single dashboard. Accessing metrics and actionable insights seamlessly, without the need to navigate through various systems, not only enables you to make informed decisions swiftly, but also instills confidence, enhancing your daily decision-making capabilities.

Who needs dashboards?

Any decision maker in your organization will benefit from usable, actionable data.


Access metrics in real time

Department Leaders

Lead teams with actionable insight

Decision Makers

Make decisions with visual data

Experts in leading data and analytics technologies

Our experts are certified by Tableau, Alteryx, Salesforce, and more. We’re proficient at leading data technologies and visualization dashboards. Whether you’d like us to build a dashboard from scratch or within your existing applications and dashboards, infoFluency ensures you’re able to pull meaningful insights from your data.

You’re in good company

Our clients are making data driven decisions.

Meet infoFluency

Founded in 2007, infoFluency was created to uncover the information and insights in business data through visual analytics and efficient data applications. infoFluency’s consultants, experienced in data visualization platforms like Tableau and Power BI, bring a depth of education and expertise to serve clients with excellence, integrity, and outstanding customer service.

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