Good decisions start with data visibility

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Data Solutions For Business Decisions

Equipping Businesses to Make Data Driven Decisions

Data driven decisions are challenging when data is spread out across too many platforms. We offer a single place to see all data metrics allowing for efficient and accessible decision making. 

Real-Time Access from Every Device

Meetings are challenging to prepare for when data is outdated and hard to find. We offer real-time access to your metrics for board meetings, sales calls, and team meetings. 

Interactive Dashboards with All Data

Unified consensus is challenging when team members cannot see data related to goals or progress. We offer interactive access to clean, organized dashboards allowing your entire team to see goals and progress. 

See analytics across your organization

Sales, Operations, and Marketing
Marketing Specific 

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Read what our clients have to say about their experience working with infoFluency.

Sasha, President, Remote COO

“Robin and her team at infoFluency have created a visually pleasing and easy-to-use platform for Remote COO, allowing us to see our business metrics all in one place.  There is no longer the need to toggle between 5+ open tabs to try and identify trends. All our data is now viewable in one location – on our Remote COO dashboard – where we can drill down as deeply as we’d like to see minute details or pull up to see broader timeline trends. We are now more confident when making key business decisions because we know their basis is on timely, relevant data. It has also greatly aided our efforts to move our business forward and increase our profit margins since we can now pinpoint gaps and make the necessary adjustments. In addition to these important facts, working with Robin was a true delight, as she is as genuine as they come. If you’re looking to gain greater insight into your business and appreciate working with amazing human beings, Robin and infoFluency will not disappoint!”

Sara, Owner, At Home Tutoring

“The infoFluency team has been working with our company for over a year. They’ve been methodical in collecting our data and presenting it to our sales team.  We set a monthly meeting to pore over the compiled reports and set future goals based on the data. I highly recommend the team at infoFluency as a vital partner in analyzing data and setting goals.”  

Start with pre-built dashboard elements, combine the pieces, and customize from there. 

Think of us when you can’t make decisions easily because your data is hard to find.